Loss of the Columbia
ISS Avenger explodes
Date: August 2155
Location: Briar Patch
Result: Romulan victory, destruction of the Columbia
United Earth Romulan Star Empire
Erika Hernandez Nveih i'Ihhliae t'Jaihen
one NX-class starship one Romulan Bird-of-Prey
none one
none seven KIA
Previous Next
Destruction of the Devisor

The loss of the Columbia was an engagement between United Earth and Romulan Star Empire forces in the Briar Patch. This event would be part of the catalyst for the Briar Patch War. (Star Trek: Into the Inferno)

While running reconnaissance missions in the Briar Patch in preparation for the impending Earth-Romulan War the Columbia discovered a world inhabited by humans. They were about to investigate when a Romulan Bird-of-Prey hiding above the world's north pole attacked, shooting her down. Most of the crew with the exception of Captain Erkia Hernandez and most of her senior staff except her first officer, who were captured by the Fire Nation, escaped to the surface before she was destroyed.

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