Lore was a Soong-type android from Omicron Theta built by Doctor Noonian and Juliana Soong. He was eventually dismantled and put into storage for malevolent behavior. In the mid to late 24th century, he was reactivated by the USS Enterprise-D. On several occasions, Lore carried out continued malicious behaviour including attempting to have the Enterprise destroyed by the Crystalline Entity, stealing Data's emotion chip and seeking to modify Borg drones to create a master race. He eventually was captured and dismantled again. (Star Trek: The Next Generation)


Star Trek: Phoenix-XEdit

In 2377, in a radical move, Starfleet cybernetics expert Terence Epstein stole the Lore parts and reassembled them, reactivating Lore in-shuttle, on escape from the Federation. Lore escaped Terence, leaving him for dead. ("Cybernetic Showdown")

Lore then discovered Mudd-type androids but before he could do anything with them, he was soon re-captured by Starfleet with the help of a survived Terence. In 2379, Lore was back at the Starfleet Research and Development building, dismantled, but was re-stolen by an elderly Terence, switching sides again, and several combat-programmed EMH's. Lore boarded the USS Enterprise-E and forcefully accessed B-4's android brain. After being forced to assist Terence, Lore escaped to pursue his own goals. ("Resurrections")

Lore moved to Fendaus V, a planet full of Mudd androids, and took his place as leader of them in an attempt to return to his plans of instilling a master race. In 2388, with the help of the Nanites from Kavis Alpha IV, the USS Phoenix-X foiled Lore's plans before he could use Omega molecules to destroy Earth. Thanks to the Nanites, Lore's remote connectivity functions were damaged and he was forced to beam out somewhere unknown in escape. ("Cybernetic Showdown")

Sometime later, the Phoenix-X re-captured Lore aboard a Malon freighter. He was again dismantled. In 2410, Lore was stolen from Facility 4028 by Augments. He was captured again, in the Briar Patch, by Captain Oroku Seifer of the Phoenix-X, and returned to Starfleet. ("Myths and Lore, Part I")

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