Lora Heinrichs

Lieutenant Lora Heinrichs was Chief engineer on board the USS Constance starting in 2409. (Star Trek: Constance)

Early LifeEdit

From an early age, Lora showed a strong ability for Engineering, having practically memorized the entire statistics and information for the warp drive. When she entered Starfleet Academy, she excelled at engineering, and quickly rose to the top of her class before graduating.

The USS CochraneEdit

On her first assignment, the USS Cochrane, she served as an engineering ensign before later getting a recommendation by the captain and was transferred to another ship. A week after her transfer, most of the senior staff of the Cochrane was brought under investigation, and court martialed with no real explanation, the records of the proceedings where sealed.

Assignment to the ConstanceEdit

After the Constance returned from the Vega colony, there was a need for many new senior staff. At the time, Lora was serving on the USS Kingfisher, and was offered the position on the Constance as the Chief Engineer. She also took acting ensign Melody Irea under her wing.

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