Local Flavor is a short story by the pseudonymous jespah.

The story is told from the perspective of Lili O'Day, just after retiring from working on the Enterprise (NX-01).

On November 16, 2157, O'Day and her boyfriend, Douglas Jay Hayes Beckett, are flown to the surface of Lafa II by Travis Mayweather, who intimates that he will miss her strawberry shortcake. Lili bids him farewell and asks to be remembered to Captain Jonathan Archer and Malcolm Reed.

Lili's business parter, a Calafan named Treve, meets them and takes them to a temporary apartment in Fep City. He then loans them some money and explains their monetary system. The coins are all named for the four stars in the system, Lo, Abic, Fep and Ub, in order from the largest denominations to the smallest. There is no paper money and there are no checks, so everyone carries around heavy stacks of coins.

Treve then takes them to a large open-air market and leaves them for a while as he has other business to attend to. While at the market, they shop for local foods such as olowa, elekai, tofflin and linfep, and see Eska hunters bringing in prako from a nearby system.

When Treve returns, they invite him to dinner, a mix of human and Calafan foods.

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