Earth Spacedock

List of various personnel from Earth Spacedock.



Klingon Defense ForceEdit


Earth Spacedock personnelEdit

See: Earth Spacedock#Personnel

USS Sally (NCC-201591) personnelEdit

See: Category:USS Sally (NCC-201591) personnel

USS Kitana personnelEdit

See: USS Kitana#Crew manifest

T'Kek clonesEdit

ESDCharacter T'Kek


  • Another Reman named T'Kek served as an officer on the IKS Ha'vok, and was killed. He discovered that he was a clone after he awoke in an unknown cloning facility. (First City)
It is unknown which T'Kek is the original, if any of them are.

Background information Edit

  • In Star Trek Online, the Reman Science Officer available to Federation captains cannot be customized. Admiral Nat was able to use a bug in the editor to capture the screenshot used as his image, however.

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