The following is a list support vessels assigned to the USS Lambda Paz

Runabout AlleghenyEdit

Captain Limis Vircona traveled to Bajor aboard the Allegheny in 2374 when the Lambda Paz was docked at Deep Space 9 on a mission for Starfleet Intelligence. She and former Bajoran minister Jaro Essa intended to infiltrate Teero Anaydis's organization, claiming to have hijacked the Allegheny. Mandel Morrison remained on board, but the ship was quickly shot down by a patrol Teero dispatched. The runabout crash-landed on Bajor and was likely damaged beyond salvage. (Star Trek: Lambda Paz: " Divided Loyalties")

Runabout PotomacEdit

Captain Limis and Ensign Rebecca Sullivan traveled aboard the Potomac in 2374 to rendezvous with a Kobheerian freighter that would escort them to Farius Prime in order to locate Limis's son, who was believed to have been admitted to that planet's refugee center. The Potomac was intercepted by a Sindareen raider that used holographic stealth technology to appear to be the freighter.

Jonas Grabowski later made modifications to the Potomac's weapons and shields in order to free Limis and Sullivan from the Sindareen and for the likely event of an encounter with the "Death stars". (Star Trek: Lambda Paz: " The Tides of War, Part 1")

Unnamed reconnaissance shuttlesEdit

At least two unnamed shuttle pods were sent to a planetoid in the Tong Beak Nebula to verify intelligence that a Jem'Hadar breeding facility was being built there. These shuttles, specially designed for Starfleet Intelligence, had no markings and the locating transponder could be altered to appear to be a Jem'Hadar fighter on sensors. The shuttle piloted by Commander Charles H. Logan and Lieutenant junior grade Sara Carson was intercepted and shot down by two Jem'Hadar fighters. (Star Trek: Lambda Paz: " Revenge a Dish Best Served Cold")

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