Minor Characters specific to Star Trek: Unity (fan film series) fan film continuity.
See: The Unity Character timeline for main characters not listed here and which have their own articles.


Minor members of Starfleet and the United Federation of Planets serving in the 2380s.

Richard FordEdit

Lt. Richard Ford was assigned to the USS Odyssey-A in 2387. Handpicked by Captain Puto, Richard's skills as a historian were critical in understanding the threat of the Fen Domar (First appeared in "Crusade")

Rachel GoodwinEdit

Captain Rachel Goodwin

Rachel Goodwin

Captain Rachel Goodwin was a Human Starfleet officer and operational assistant to Captain Claire Hayward. In 2386, she and Hayward were taken as hosts by hostile Iccobar parasites. (First appeared in "Ancient Order")

Claire HaywardEdit

Captain Claire Hayward

Claire Hayward

Captain Claire Hayward was a Starfleet officer assigned as Fleet Captain over the Gateway system, which included Unity One Starbase. (First appeared in "Ancient Order")

In late 2385, she and her fellow officer Rachel Goodwin became hosts to Iccobar parasites that took control of their minds as part of a plot to secretly influence high ranking Starfleet officers on Earth. The Iccobar race had been awoken from a millenia in suspended animation by Captain Puto and his crew from Unity One Starbase, who became the subject of great interest of Iccobar leader Andras. Hayward, under the parasite's control, ordered a Starfleet Intelligence officer, Lt. Commander Amanda Wood to go and inspect Unity Starbase so that the Iccobar could gather more information on their new enemy.

Home GuardEdit

Minor members of the Plymouth-based Starfleet agency, led by Chloe Fisher and Laura Lee.

Charlotte BobbinEdit

Charlotte Bobbin was a trusted assistant to Laura Lee in 2008, assisting in the interrogation of Captain Lewis. ("The Scorched World")


Joy was a member of the Home Guard, who assisted Laura Lee in tracking down a creature in Exeter in 2009, meeting Puto and Lewis. ("A Lonely Alien")

Later that year, Joy was one of the agents who fought the Borg invasion. ("Moebius")



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