The following is a list of RIS Bouteina crewmen, including junior officers, that do not have their own page. For a list of the recurring characters, see here. It also includes minor characters from outside the ship's crew.

RIS BouteinaEdit

Because the Tal Prai'ex had lumped together crewmen (and, in some cases, officers) from different races, race and gender are noted. All shipboard characters are assumed to be Romulan unless otherwise noted.

Engineering personnelEdit

Science personnelEdit

Crew supportEdit


Gorn HegemonyEdit

Klingon Defense ForceEdit


  • Bianca Cobry: Half-Klingon, she was the captain of the USS Bianca. She was almost as reckless as Leeroy Jenkins in ground combat.
  • Leonard "Fossils" Riker: The younger brother to Captain William T. Riker, Leonard lost his commission as a geologist aboard the USS Griet in a game of poker and was assigned to the IRW Temarex instead. ("Manhunt")

Lyran Star EmpireEdit

Hydran KingdomEdit

  • Florence Finney

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