Lieutenant Lindsay Curtis was a Starfleet officer in the late 24th century. She served as the Tactical and Operations officer of the USS Nimitz. (USS Baldwin)

Starfleet careerEdit

During her time at the academy, she met Andrea Riffin and Katy Cassoday. She became friends with them, and wound up serving with both ladies aboard the Nimitz by 2374. In December 2374, Nimitz was severely damaged in a Dominion attack. The USS Baldwin arrived to render assistance. During the time, Katy introduced Lindsay to Richie. During the situation, Lindsay and the rest of the Nimitz crew accepted the Andrea's leadership, which lead to her taking permanent command of the ship. Under the Nimitz's new commander, Lindsay become the Tactical and Operations officer. (USS Baldwin: "Captain's View").

Lindsay remained part of the crew in mid-2377, when she announced a distress call from the USS Pinckney. She was forced to abandon ship, along with the rest of the Nimitz crew, when a computer virus took control of the ship. Her escape pod was recovered by the USS Hainan. (USS Baldwin: "Backdoor")

Service jacketEdit

Assignment HistoryEdit

CDT1 (TNG).png
Yellow Cadet (TNG).png
First Year Cadet 2367-68 Starfleet Academy Assumes four years in the academy
from the age of 18
CDT2 (TNG).png
Yellow Cadet (TNG).png
Second Year Cadet 2368-69
CDT3 (TNG).png
Yellow Cadet (TNG).png
Third Year Cadet 2369-70
CDT4 (TNG).png
Yellow Cadet (TNG).png
Fourth Year Cadet 2370-71
LTJG (DS9-VOY).png
Yellow (DS9).png
Lieutenant junior grade 2374 USS Nimitz USS Baldwin: "Captain's View"
LT (DS9-VOY).png
Yellow (DS9).png
Lieutenant 2375- Tactical and Operations Officer USS Nimitz


Battle of Betazed Medal Battle of Betazed Medal 2375 Received for serving on Nimitz
in the mission to retake Betazed
(USS Baldwin: "Determined Warrior")
Battle of Cardassia Medal Battle of Cardassia Medal 2375 Received for serving on Nimitz
during the Battle of Cardassia
USS Baldwin:: "Resolution"
Dominion War Victory Medal Dominion War Victory Medal 2375 Received for serving in Starfleet
during the Dominion War
USS Baldwin: "Good Will"

Story appearancesEdit

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