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"I just love scanning for lifeforms. Lifeforms... you tiny little lifeforms... you precious little lifeforms... where are you?" - Data

DNA, the genetic programming of a lifeform

A lifeform is simply any living entity or organism. The study of lifeforms is known as biology and when dealing with alien life-forms can be further sub-categorized into xenobiology and xenology.

Starship sensors and tricorders are primary instruments used in detecting or locating life-forms. This can be determined by identifying or localizing blood type, heart rate or metabolic setup.

There are incredible similarities between the lifeforms on different worlds in the Star Trek universe. A probable explanation for this may be the existence of the ancient humanoids DNA during evolution.

Starfleet lifeform classes and typesEdit

The class-5 type lifeform may refer to humanoids.


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