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Li Qan (sometimes spelled Lee Kuan or Li Kuan) was a dictator whose infamy would equate him with Adolf Hitler and Krotus. (TOS: "Patterns of Force", "Whom Gods Destroy")

In Orion Press continuity, Li Kuan was a woman. (The TOS episodes don't specify gender.) She is said to have enslaved much of Asia during the Post-Atomic Horror. (Lexicon, K-L, 2010 revision)

He was the president of the People's Republic of China starting in 2043. (Star Trek: Hidden Frontier)

Li Qan was the Eastern Coalition's first president. His daughter, Dorian Qan, and her husband were killed by anti-ECON rioters in Paris in 2054. (Star Trek: Shadowstar Station: "Renée")


At least in Star Trek: Shadowstar Station continuity, many of Li Qan's children and descendants used his given name, Qan, as their surname.

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