Species: Human
Gender: Male
Born: 2371
Hair: Dark Brown
Eyes: Dull Blue
Affiliation: Imperial Starfleet, New Terran Empire

Louis (first name or pseudonym) was a Human Terran Empire officer from the Mirror universe. He was trapped on Atlantis for two years, preparing ways to kill Colonel Phillip Green. In 2389, he gave Lewis a specially modified sonic screwdriver which could remotely deactivate Borg implants, as well as his blue jacket.

While conversing with his primary universe counterpart at the beginning of the Siege of Unity Starbase, Louis claimed that he was a technician aboard his mother's warship, the Excelsior-class I.S.S. Iliad of the New Terran Empire. Unlike Lewis, he had not been assimilated by the Borg or subsequently rescued by the Iconians as a child. Louis described his upbringing as "ruthless" with no room for the "shy or frigid" in the Empire.

The Iliad came across a defenseless Borg Cube and raided it's cargo, including an ancient Iconian fob watch. This watch contained the stored persona of an Iconian Time Lord, opening this watch, Louis assumed the consciousness of The Master. Louis traveled to the Janus Vortex and found himself in the primary universe on ancient Iconia. (Star Trek: Unity (fan film series))