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Major Levex Ixen is the Acting Chief of Security and Marine Team Leader for Alpha Team onboard the starship Artemis. Ixen is played by Kate Beckinsale. (Star Trek: Artemis)


She grew up like every other little tomboy in the federation. She had both parents her whole life, but she know what she wanted and so she would train to go after it. She would join the Marines at the age of 17.

She was trained after she got in the Marines, by one Eugen Jedrek. He helped her get to the point where she was at the peak of her physical and mental potential. That only took two years to get done, for she had already been training for years before hand also.

Her trainer was sent off into space to work on the star Ships. He helped her get her Officer rank, and then she did the rest of the work for her own.

She was transferred to the Marine base in San Fransisco. She was training to be a Starfleet based Marine, and to work on the star ships. She has worked on three until now after her duty station in San Fransisco. After graduating from West Point, she was assigned to three Miranda-class ships. The USS Zeus (NCC-26261), followed by the USS Helios (NCC-26300), and finally the USS Cassiopeia (NCC-26289). Now assigned to the USS Artemis (NCC-71428), the first Akira-class that she will serve on. She served on the Zeus until she was decommissioned to make way for the new Omega-class USS Zeus (NCC-90051). When given the option to join the pre-commission crew for the new USS Zeus, she turned the offer down and moved on to the Helios.

Service RecordEdit

  • Assigned to USS Zeus (NCC-26261) as a Security Team Leader
  • Re-assigned to USS Helios (NCC-26300) as a Security Team Leader
  • Re-assigned to USS Cassiopeia (NCC-26289) as Chief of Security
  • Re-assigned to the USS Artemis (NCC-71428) as Security Team Leader
  • Promoted to temporary rank of Major and made the Acting Chief of Security
  • Assigned to the new Prometheus-class Artemis after the Akira-class Artemis was destroyed in early 2386.

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