Lieutenant Leslie Hernandez was a Starfleet officer and counselor and aboard the USS Cantabrian (NCC-24705) while under the command of Captain Noah Wrightson.

In 2369, she joined the Cantabrian team upon Wrightson's request.

In that same year, when the Cantabrian and Wthaure battle cruiser engaged in a tense stand-off, Hernandez kept her cool. Her calming influence kept Wrightson calm and made sure the crew didn't over-react. Even after the subspace explosion damaged the ship, Hernandez responded "as any other officer would."

In 2372, Hernandez made her way to Starbase Expanse 4 in order to prepare the Cantabrian's new crew waiting there. While there, the Myhr'an attacked the starbase from orbit, killing her and nearly everyone else at SE4. (Star Trek: The Cantabrian Expeditions: "Catalyst, Part One")

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