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Ensign Lera Kesta was a Joined Trill Starfleet officer that served on board the NX-04 Discovery for four years between 2161 and 2165. (Star Trek: Discovery)

Early LifeEdit

Born Lera Silja shortly after Trill made first contact with Earth. Her parents where noted diplomats, and she spent a few years on Earth before returning to enter the Initiate Program. Despite objections from members of the Trill government, she applied to Starfleet Academy, sponsored by Captain Erica Hernandez. She was the first Trill Starfleet cadet.

Shortly before she went to the Academy, she was joined to the Kesta symbiont. It was never entirely explained to Starfleet why her name was changed.

Starfleet career Edit

Lera excelled in communications at the Academy. She graduated just as the Earth–Romulan War was drawing to a close.

Jonathan Archer assigned her as communications officer on the Discovery, the last NX-class vessel in service after the other ships where destroyed in the war or retired.

She was present during the majority of the missions done by the Discovery.

At some point she told Captain Marie Todd that she was Joined, up until then only the ship's doctor had been privy to that knowledge. This would start to create some dissent between the Kesta symbiont and the Symbiosis Commission, and nearly cost the symbiont its life.

After the Discovery was retired, Lera served on at least 3 more ships, and retired from active duty with the rank of lieutenant commander.

After StarfleetEdit

After Lera retired, she served as the Trill ambassador to the Federation, and helped broker a trade deal with the Klingon Empire.

She died in 2249, having set the stage for future Trill Starfleet Officers.


Lera was usually viewed by histories as being rather quirky, despite having to hide the secret of being Joined from her Captain, she was regarded as being friendly and open by her crewmates. She would continue this into her diplomatic career, and usually surprised the other diplomats by trying to be more friendly with them than necessary.

Starfleet CareerEdit

  • NX-04 Discovery
  • USS Alexander (NCC-03)
  • USS Cibola (NCC-12)
  • USS Constance (NCC-18)

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