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Leonora Digiorno
Leonora Digiorno (2155)
Actor: Alyson Hannigan
Species: Terran
Gender: Female
Born: April 30, 2136
Died: May 18, 2165
Hair: red
Eyes: green
Affiliation: Terran Empire
Occupation: teacher
Mother: Belinda Digiorno
Father: Dino Digiorno
Siblings: Philip Digiorno, Alexander Digiorno

In the mirror universe, Leonora Digiorno was a Terran female and a civilian and was never a member of Imperial Starfleet.

Instead, she worked as a teacher and was consequently a member of the Terran Empire's lower class (In Between Days: Fortune).

On May 18, 2165, Leonora, an abuse victim, was murdered in cold blood by her lesbian lover, Leah Benson (mirror), a pilot on Empress Hoshi Sato's USS Defiant, in a fit of drunken rage when Leonora failed to go on a tequila run fast enough (In Between Days: Fortune).

Memorable QuotesEdit

"Only acceptable? Sheesh! What'll ya want next?"
— (In Between Days:Fortune)

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  • Images of actors are used to simulate the cast of the series. As a result Leonora Digiorno is portrayed by Alyson Hannigan.

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