For the primary universe counterpart, see Leonard McCoy.
For the counterpart in Star Trek: Phase II, see Leonard McCoy (STNV).
Leonard McCoy
Leonard McCoy mirror
Leonard McCoy in 2267.
Actor: DeForest Kelley
Species: Human
Gender: male
Born: 2227
Died: 2269
Hair: brown
Eyes: blue
Affiliation: Terran Empire
Title: doctor
chief medical officer
Stationed: ISS Enterprise
Occupation: Imperial Starfleet officer
Rank: lieutenant commander
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In the mirror universe, Leonard McCoy was a Terran male who served as chief medical officer aboard the ISS Enterprise in the 2260s.

In 2267, McCoy accompanied Captain James T. Kirk to the surface of Halka to discuss the acquisition of the planet's dilithium deposits for the Empire. When negotiations failed, Kirk and party beamed back up to the ship but an ion storm caused the party to be replaced by the primary universe counterparts. Thankfully, the transport was eventually reversed. (TOS: "Mirror, Mirror")

Following this mission, McCoy and the party were ordered not to reveal any information about the crossover to the crew, yet the majority of the crew seemed to know about it after a few weeks. Following Kirk's assassination, McCoy continued to serve as CMO under Spock, yet he would continue to conspire against Spock along with Montgomery Scott and Nyota Uhura as Spock engineered his rise to the top.

Unfortunately, McCoy finally died in 2269 following a long battle against xenopolycythemia. (TOS novel: The Sorrows of Empire)

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