Lela Dax was the Dax symbiont's first host and, at one point in her life, a famous legislator in the Trill government, during the 21st century. (DS9: "Playing God", "Facets")

She became a member of the Trill ruling council: only the fourth woman in Trill history up to that point to do so. (DS9: "Playing God", "Facets"; DS9 The Lives of Dax short story "First Steps")

One of Lela's common gestures was to hold her hands behind her back; something Jadzia Dax made a habit of after being joined to the Dax symbiont. (DS9: "Facets")

Lela also had a son named Ahjess, as well at least one other child. They were at her bedside when she died. (DS9: "To the Death"; DS9 Prophecy and Change short story "The Devil You Know")

Kira Nerys took on Lela's personality during Jadzia's zhian'tara in 2371. (DS9: "Facets")

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