Lei Sanchez was a police officer from the 21st century who was accidentally transported into the 24th century during pursuit of a criminal named Raiden. (Star Trek: Reloaded)


In the early 21st century, Lei was a police officer on Earth, tracking a criminal named Raiden. (Teaser) Giving chase, Lei followed Raiden into a forest where a Suliban named Kelik was alone with his timeship from the 30th century. Lei chased Raiden inside, who activated the vessel and unintentionally transported all three of them to the 24th century. (Chapter 1) Soon, a Reman warbird attacked, and the runabout USS Trinity, which was passing by, was able to transport Lei off the ship and escape. Aboard the runabout, Lei was met with the EMH and Ensign Seanna Jackie, from Utopia Planitia Fleet Yards, and discovered, through searching himself in the Federation database, that he was, in fact, in the year 2379. (Chapter 2)

The two, then, went to Deep Space 9, where Jackie broke off to find information about what happened to her friend and Lei stopped a Nausicaan, named Flerge, from killing Quark. After Flerg gave chase to Lei, Lei was able to lose him. Upon relief, Lei encountered Jackie being confronted by Starfleet security. The meeting prompted Jackie and Lei to make a run for it; her finally admitting she deduced Lei was from the past. The two escaped by stowing away on the USS Prometheus. (Chapter 3) After partaking in Jackie's hijacking of the top 1/3rd section of the Prometheus, Lei was brought to the coordinates acquired from Deep Space 9: a Borg city. (Chapter 4)

Background informationEdit

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