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The Legacy-class starship was a type of multi-mission explorer that entered service with the Federation Starfleet during the last quarter of the 24th century. The prototype USS Legacy was launched in 2384 under the command of Captain Joseph Johns. (Star Trek: The Helena Chronicles: "Obsessions")

Other vessels of the class include the USS Cadence, USS Protector, and USS Serenity. (Star Trek: Alpha Command, Star Trek Protector)

In Last Unicorn Games' continuity, the Legacy name was assigned to a as a proposed design of heavy cruisers following the Dominion War. (Spacedock: The Advanced Starship and Construction Manual)


  • The Legacy class was designed by Andrew Gillespie and Malcom Lu in 2009. Specifications come from graphics on Lu's DeviantArt page.
  • The digital model used in The Helena Chronicles for the USS Legacy actually showed the registry for the USS Cadence.
  • Several online RPG groups have co-opted the Legacy design for their sims, many making alterations to its specs. Star Trek: Alpha Command used it essentially unaltered, while Obsidian Fleet uses it to represent their version of the Majestic-class starship, and Omega Fleet portrays the Legacy class as a 2000 meter-long behemoth space control ship.

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