Leeroy Jenkins was a Starfleet captain, who commanded the USS Vortex (NCC-77438). She was known to never drop her ship from red alert. Her ready room featured weapons and she was known to be very cruel to her crew. (VOY: "Author, Author")

In Author, Author, both the USS Vortex and her crew were imaginary, as they were part of Photons Be Free but in RIS Bouteina, both were real, alongside the USS Voyeur. Both ships were given their registry numbers in the Bouteina series, along with Jenkins' first name, so the registries are not canon.

RIS BouteinaEdit

In 2378, she was a mere Captain with the Vortex as her command. However, it is not clear how she became a captain, nor when she became a fleet captain.

In addition to being downright cruel, Leeroy was equally reckless. She ordered her ship, badly damaged by Mirak photonic missiles, to ram the Mirak battleship in Operation Telenoes. Her flight controller shouted Leeroy Jenkins when the Vortex began ramming. Both her ship and the enemy flagship were destroyed with the loss of all hands. Her ship's sacrifice was credited with having saved her wingmen. (RIS Bouteina: "Distress Call")

When Apailana V was captured by the Romulan Star Empire, she had a funeral on the planet and she was buried, and also honors were bestowed on her. Her coffin contained her personal copy of Photons Be Free. (RIS Bouteina)


She was named after a famous World of Warcraft video, where the eponymous player went away from keyboard and when he returned, he missed the entire briefing, instead rushing in the dungeon while screaming his own name. Unlike his 24th century counterpart, he led his character as well as the characters of his wingmen to their deaths, rather than dying so his wingmen could live. To this day, he remained a textbook example of what can go wrong when players get gratuitously reckless.


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