Leah Benson was a pilot on the Enterprise (NX-01) and then the USS Defiant (NCC-1764) (In Between Days: The Light).


Early LifeEdit

Leah was born in 2116 (In Between Days:Bread).

She was hired as a pilot to fill in, and got more work when Melissa Madden died (In Between Days:Bread).


Leah was with Starfleet from an early time, but rose more quickly through the ranks after Madden's demise. She was able to leave the USS Defiant (NCC-1764) in 2192 with the help of Josh Rosen, who helped her because they were members of the same faith, which they practiced in secret (In Between DaysBread).

Personal LifeEdit

She was an alcoholic and a lesbian, and dated a schoolteacher, Leonora Digiorno (mirror), who she killed during an alcoholic rage, on May 18, 2165 (In Between Days:Fortune). She later dated Science Crewman Diana Jones, who left her when she (Diana) learned that Leah had murdered Leonora (In Between Days:Bread).

Memorable QuotesEdit

"Like I said, I was a boozehound. The previous honey was Leonora Digiorno. I made her go out and get me more. When she refused, I offed her."
— (In Between Days:Bread)

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  • Images of actors are used to simulate the cast of the series. As a result Leah Benson is portrayed by Mayim Bialik.

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