Layla Roberts was a Starfleet noncom and nurse assigned to the UFS Arcadia. She served on the ship since its launch in 2378. She was good friends with Doctor Tabatha Brisk, and became the ship's head nurse after 2379. Little is known of her background, other than that she hailed from Earth's Venezuela region. She may possibly have had partly Arabic ancestry. (Star Trek: Arcadia)


  • This character, created by the real-life Tabatha Brisk, was originally called simply "Layla". The surname "Roberts" was adopted from another character, Nurse Roberts, played by the same real-life Tabatha Brisk on the "USS Running Bear", a now-defunct sim in Obsidian Fleet, as a measure of preserving and honoring her creations.
  • On Star Trek: Arcadia, images of real-life actors are used to simulate characters. In this sense Layla Roberts is "played" by Patricia Velásquez, whose real-life homeland of Venezuela and (relative) year of birth was given to the character.

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