Laurena Sioned Cytrynbaum, M.D. (2265-2298) was a Starfleet medical officer on active duty during the 23rd century.

Cytrynbaum was born in New Orleans. At least her mother's side of the family had been living on the Gulf Coast for twelve generations, including many relatives who were affected by the hurricanes of the region, including Hurricane Katrina in 2005.

She graduated from Starfleet Medical Academy in 2291. As part of her residency, she spent three years as a staff psychiatrist on USS Avenger, reporting to Dr. Stephanie Richardson. (Star Trek: Avenger: "Belonging", Avengerpedia)

By 2296, Lieutenant Cytrynbaum had become part of the Flight Test Team assigned to Shadowstar Station. During a trip home, she helped deliver a baby. She left without knowing the baby's name would be Joseph Sisko. (Star Trek: Shadowstar Station: "Nothing of Consequence")

Laurena Cytrynbaum and her unborn child were killed by agents of the Terran Purification League in January 2298. (flashback in Star Trek: Shadowstar Station: "A Separate War")

Background informationEdit

The character takes her name from the given name one of the author's former colleagues, and the surname of another. "Sioned" is a Welsh name meaning "God is gracious".

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