Laura Lee was a teenager from Twenty-First century Earth involved with the Home Guard group who eventually befriended Puto and Lewis when she joined their crew at Unity Starbase, searching for her missing best friend Chloe Fisher. (Star Trek: Unity (fan film series))


A friend of fellow Plymouthian Chloe Fisher, Laura was one of the founding members of the Home Guard in 2008 after briefly traveling to the 31st century with Chloe and the rest of the team for training.

In the mid twenty-first century, during World War Three and Colonel Green's rule of England, Laura became quite possibly the last survivor of the Home Guard and retreated to a small house by the waterside of Southampton, waiting alone for Lewis to arrive from the past to defeat Green.

Personality and traitsEdit

Laura is not so much by-the-book as she is concerned with her performance on duty, believing her work in the Home Guard as extremely important. At the same time, Laura can be overconfident, some would say even pretentious.

Memorable quotesEdit

"Agent Fisher. I've just seen him: The Doctor and his TARDIS. He still claims to be 'Captain Lewis'."
— Laura's first line, spoken to Chloe Fisher
"We're the Home Guard, Doctor. Sworn to protect the Earth from time-traveling aliens like you. My names Laura Lee."
— Laura introducing herself to Lewis

Laura Lee's mySpace page

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