"Last Words" (or "Captain's Last Words", or "Your Captain's last words") was the second clips episode of Star Trek: Phoenix-X and the second clips episode of the fourth season. It collected quick one-liners in parts from what can only be alternate universe versions of Oroku Seifer and Menchez.


In several alternate universes, Seifer and Menchez exclaim their very last words before death.

Posting guideEdit

Part Posted Prod. Code Captain
Last Words, Part I Sep 29 2014 PNX134_P002NA Seifer
Last Words, Part II Sep 29 2014 PNX134_P002NB Menchez
Last Words, Part III Sep 29 2014 PNX134_P002NC Seifer
Last Words, Part IV Sep 29 2014 PNX134_P002ND Menchez
Last Words, Part V Sep 29 2014 PNX134_P002NE Seifer
Last Words, Part VI Sep 29 2014 PNX134_P002NF Menchez
Last Words, Part VII Sep 30 2014 PNX134_P002NG Seifer
Last Words, Part VIII Sep 30 2014 PNX134_P002NH Seifer
Last Words, Part IX Sep 30 2014 PNX134_P002NI Seifer
Last Words, Part X Sep 30 2014 PNX134_P002NJ Seifer
Last Words, Part XI Sep 30 2014 PNX134_P002NK Seifer
Last Words, Part XII Sep 30 2014 PNX134_P002NL Seifer

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