The Lyran Imperial Medical Common Application System, or LIMCAS for short, was a centralized application system for medical schools in the Lyran Star Empire. It allowed one to apply to a maximum of 25 medical schools in one admissions cycle. (Star Trek: The Stoneship Files: "Off Coverage")


Academic credentialsEdit

One could put in a high school transcript or, in the event an applicant applied to medical school after completing some college coursework, a college transcript.


The essay, which stated why one wanted to apply to medical school, one's career goals in medicine as well as one's background, must not exceed 5,300 characters.

Letters of recommendationEdit

It required three letters of recommendation:

  • The first letter of recommendation must be written by a doctor
  • The second letter of recommendation must be written by a teacher
  • The third letter of redommendation can be written by a third party (for MD/PhD applicants, it was recommended that the letter be written by an active researcher in the field the applicant did research in)

Early admissionsEdit

LIMCAS allowed applicants to apply early action at several schools, while it allowed applicants to apply at only one medical school in early decision. (Star Trek: The Stoneship Files: "Express Delivery")

Participating schoolsEdit

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