Lieutenant Commander L'Beth was a Starfleet officer in the late 24th century. (Eighth Fleet RPG)

Personal historyEdit

Personal relationshipsEdit

Married in 2365 to a fellow Caitian serving with her aboard the USS Polaris, Tactical Officer Lt. Hrithrarr.

She transferred when he did though, in her case to the USS Valley Forge.

They stayed in contact, timing their leaves to meet and enjoy time together, until she died with the rest of the officers and crew in 2374.

Service jacketEdit

Assignment historyEdit

Starfleet Academy (Grad. 2357)Edit

Graduated as an astrophysics specialist, and was assigned to the science division.

USS Polaris (2357-2372)Edit

She began work with the astrophysics department of the Polaris and stayed there, training when she could and working her way slowly up the ranks. After two years she was promoted to Lieutenant junior grade, and began working more with the head of the department. Three years later, she was a Lieutenant and it was her department. It was during her time as head of the Astrophysics department that she gained the notice of a bright young Tactical officer named Hrithrarr. She trained and worked hard, finally getting the nod and a promotion to Lieutenant Commander and assignment as the Chief Science Officer of the Polaris. When the ship was scheduled for decommissioning, she accepted an offered post on the USS Valley Forge, since she had no intention of following her husband into Special Operations.

USS Valley Forge (2372- D. 2374)Edit

She was serving aboard the Valley Forge For two years in capacity as the CSO when it was destroyed at the First Battle of Chin'toka, with all hands.

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