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Kyle Sito was a Starfleet officer from the 25th century. (Star Trek: Frontiers)

He was the son of a prominent politician, Majenka Sito, taught him at a young age how to apply the Bake'el to every aspect of his life. He is the youngest of his people to be named Bake'el Dao, one of the most prestigious titles his culture offers. Though his career path has mirrored that of his mother, Ishala, Sito's temperament is almost identical to his father's. He has little tolerance for indirectness, and prefers people to be completely honest and forthright, even if he does not like what they have to say.

While in command of the ship, Azelem, Sito made a somewhat disastrous first contact with the Federation. Despite the auspicious circumstances, the two men developed a strong friendship based on respect for each other's fundamental beliefs and on the honesty and integrity they always showed each other.

Sito became involved with the Frontiers project. Then a prominent adviser to the Spiran Science and Engineering Directorate on his homeworld, Sito was offered a position on Earth as one of the lead consultants for the project. He and his wife, Seryna Dalal, were relocated to Earth where Sito subsequently made a critical breakthrough and blew the mysteries of transwarp wide open.

At the behest of his government, Sito was eventually named captain of the first Federation transwarp ship, the USS Enterprise-G. This decision did not sit well with many on the Federation Council, and is part of the reason for the tensions within the Federation leading up to the formation of the Separatists. Sito's knowledge of the ship's systems as well as his honesty, integrity, and ability to command makes him the perfect man to lead the unprecedented mission. He was the latest in a long line of distinguished Enterprise captains who have committed everything to boldly going where none have gone before.

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