The Ku'Rist class was a Klingon class of attack fighters in service during the 24th century and the 25th century.

This Starfighter was originally designed during the service of the Constitution-class starship. The Klingons preferred single combat to any other form of combat. Because of this, Klingons have advanced starfighter combat to a fine art form. The Ku'Rist was a very effective fighter that was used by the Klingons to support their larger ships, for ground attack, and for light patrol duties. Even with the replacement of many ship classes, fighters very similar to the Ku'Rist were is still used although they were far improved. The Klingons used Ku'Rist fighters to attack Jem'Hadar vessels in packs.

The fighters had a very narrow height. This created a potential advance for the fighter in that it is harder to detect. The cockpit was entered through the top canopy. The warp drive sit outstretched on the sides of the fighter and in order to keep the fighter as short as possible, the warp engines were much wider than they were tall. (Jackill's)

The Ku'Rist fighter had thinner armor than Valkyrie-class fighters and could take less abuse than the Vakyrie fighter or Lyran shuttles, due to the Klingons eschewing armor for speed. The Ku'Rist carried a light disruptor cannon in the nose of fighter for both fighting other fighters and when all of the of the photon torpedoes have been launched. The fighter could either use full size photonic missiles/photon torpedoes or mini-torpedoes. (Star Trek: The Stoneship Files: "At the Soapbox Races")

The micro-torpedoes that could be loaded into a Ku'Rist-class fighter could be outfitted with U'lanna zombie viruses. (Star Trek: The Stoneship Files: "Rode the 300")

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