Commander Kruge was the Commanding Officer on the IKS Khaless, and was in charge of a massive Klingon weapons facility on Diotoma III.

Early life and careerEdit

A great warlord, Kruge would stop at nothing to meet his goals. Kruge fought in battle against the USS Potemkin, (under the temporary command of then First Officer John T. Carter) lost, and was forced to retreat. Temporarily adrift in space, Kruge was left with his warrior crew to repair their damaged vessel and return to the Klingon homeworld.

Family and personal lifeEdit

It is believed that Kruge was descended from a powerful and influential family within the Klingon Empire. Because of his political connections and family heritage, he was able to maintain command of his vessel after his humiliating defeat. Following that incident, Kruge vowed to get revenge against the Federation, having never known of or met Captain Carter until their encounter on Diotoma III.

Memorable quotesEdit

"And you must be ... Ah, I almost forgot, I don't care."
— Kruge to Carter and Prescott - "The Captaincy"

Background information Edit

  • Commander Kruge was played by Mark Hildebrand in all of the character's appearances on Starship Farragut.

External linksEdit

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