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The Korlivilar Consortium was the government of the Korlivilar species, established in the early 24th century as a splinter group from the Interstellar Concordium. Its capital planet was Kashgar, in the Beta Quadrant. Its founding document was the Declaration of Ideals, who provided for two-thirds voting among its ruling council to implement bills. Its military branch was known as the Central Army and was mostly dedicated to peacekeeping missions, much like 20th century "Blue Helmets" on Earth. (RIS Bouteina: "Declaration of Warcraft")


The Consortium was led by the Council of Seven. Said council theoretically possessed both military and civilian powers, although, in practice, the Council of Seven only wielded the powers related to public security, along with limited taxation. Councillors were elected for life by the people. It was headed by the President of the Korlivilar Consortium, elected for life by an internal vote in the Council.

When the President stepped down while alive, the same process was repeated. ("Declaration of Warcraft")

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