Koren Anastas was the first female starship commanding officer in Starfleet (FASA RPG: Star Trek: The Next Generation Officer's Manual).

In the 22nd century, Anastas commanded the UES Accord during the Earth-Romulan War as part of the Earth Starfleet. She and many of her officers and crew were later integrated into the newly-formed United Federation of Planets Starfleet in 2161. (Star Trek: Accord: “The USS Accord Fictional Timeline" v. 3.0)

A replica of Captain Anastas's dress uniform was on display in the senior officers' briefing room on USS Accord from that ship's recommissioning in the 2290s through at least the 2310s.


FASA's Star Trek: The Next Generation Officer's Manual (p. 26) has Anastas as being "the first female starship captain" but her biography (p. 142) asserts that she was "the most decorated female Captain in Starfleet history." Having only remembered the former (and thinking it ridiculous that there would be no female commanding officers in Starfleet until the 24th century), I moved her back to the beginnings of the Federation.

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