— Kolothus, when excited

Commander Kolothus, son of York'Bek, was a Klingon military officer within Klingon Defense Force and an Imperial Intelligence agent in charge of the Bird-of-Prey IKS D'Tang.

In July 2390, Kolothus beamed aboard the USS Odyssey-A, representing Klingon Intelligence - to recruit a hungover Captain Lewis for a quest on the Klingon homeworld of Qo'noS. ("The Warriors of Qo'noS")

Later that year, Kolothus - in command of IKS D'Tang - traveled back in time with the Odyssey and the Unity Flotilla to engage the Iconians during the Iconian invasion of Earth. Beaming down to join the ground team, Kolothus was instrumental in winning the battle by ordering his ship to torpedo the buildings which enemy troops were firing from. And a political institute.

Though successful in defeating the invaders, Kolothus, along with Jimb'a and Mitchell were suddenly consumed by the Discontinuities and ceased to exist. Trapped as imagined figments inside the mind of the Nightmare Child, Kolothus had no physical presence. When Captain Lewis uncovered the nature of the Discontinuities and their origin, Kolothus reappeared on Unity Starbase.