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Kaol ir-Iuruth was a Romulan officer from the 25th century. (Star Trek: Frontiers)

Kaol was assigned as the chief medical officer aboard the USS Enterprise-H as part of the Frontiers Accords that stipulated that a Romulan delegation had to be stationed aboard the Enterprise.

He was from the city of Iuruth, and apparently was involved in a romantic relationship with Salea at some point prior to their serving together on the Enterprise. Kaol was successful in discovering the true nature of the Section 31 genetic "plague" on Credalis IV in 2419. He was also present during the Telaron radiation incident on the Orion homeworld later that same year.

Given Kaol did not have a Starfleet commission he did not wear a Starfleet uniform during his assignment to the Enterprise-H. His Romulan rank was Centurion, which was roughly equivalent to a lieutenant commander.

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