Lieutenant Commander Knute Rasmussen is a human male who is the second officer on the USS Chichen Itza. He was born in 2342, in Riga, Latvia, Earth, to scandinavian parents.

Life on the Chichen ItzaEdit

Knute Rasmussen's is extremely cowardly. A roller coaster sent him into catatonia and he fainted when the captain asked him to 7-forward. When told not to run away from the baseball, he tried to shoot it with his phaser. His possesions include a teddy bear and many action figures. On a shopping trip to Deep Space Nine, he broke Starfleet regulations and bought Star Wars action figures. He once bought out a bajoran antique shop's collection of beanie babies. He was once saved from borg assimilation when Danders the guinea pig chewed up his attacker's implants.


Knute Rasmussen's family owns a jellyfish cannery. His mother occasionally shows up to nag him. At a press conference she asked him if he had been brushing his teeth. He was once beaten and robbed by his 3 year old niece. He has at least two brothers, an admiral and a serial killer.

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