For additional uses of "Klokian", see: Klokian (disambiguation).

Klokian was an alien time traveler and hunter of powerful beings from the 39th century. Like many from his race, his name was the same as, or similar to, the name of his species. (Star Trek: Phoenix-X, Earth Spacedock)


In 2376, Klokian tracked Captain Daniel into the 24th century and attempted to capture him. When Daniel was rescued by the crew of the USS Phoenix-X, Klokian moved on to other beings. ("Fight, Parts I, II & III")

During his time in the 24th century, Klokian had been known to team up with others with goals that coincided with his own. Through these temporary alliances, Klokian saved Gul Meloneus from death ("Secret Shuttles, Parts I, II, III & IV"), helped Q track down other omnipotent beings, and incited a war with all other power-infused beings ("Avalon Battlefield, Parts I & II"). Klokian was also RaeLuna's biological father. ("Occurrence, Parts I & II")

In 2410, Klokian was back in possession of his timeship until losing it to the Na'khul. Getting away on an escape pod, he was rescued by Captain Elric aboard the USS Marrakesh, where he attempted to take over. (Earth Spacedock: Page 126)

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