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This strange device, was developed by the Klingon Empire around 2230s. It was used by the Klingons until the 2260s, when it became obsolete do to the continued improvement of UFP long range sensor arrays and the development of cloaking technology by the Klingons. Some historians theorize that this is the prelude of the Klingon interest in cloaking systems.... (Star Trek: Origins)

What is it?Edit

Sometimes called the Klingon Super WECM (Warp Electronic Counter Measures) this device is not a true "cloaking device" only a system that masks the energy signature of the warp core when a ship is at warp. It makes it difficult to detect a ship traveling at warp on long range sensors.

If a masked ship is within one light second it can be easy detected in the Visible, IR and UV spectra that were used prior 2260 to detect ships in warp with long range sensors.
In the last years of the 2250s, the UFP begin to use other systems to detect ships at warp at long range, that were not as limited and made this device useless. 
This device was extremely energy intensive (making making the vessel slower while using it), and was also quite large taking up much internal space within the ship.
For the moment, the Klingons only use this new device in F8 Kom Ka'Des class, but Starfleet Intelligence believes that the Klingons are trying to put it into a variant of the new D6 Battlecruiser, or a Bird of Prey. Also, Starfleet is working on improving sensor arrays to make it less effective; the last effort rendered this device useless in a range of less than 1 AU (around 8 light minutes).

Ships utilizing this devicesEdit


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