The Kleg-Ta class was a type of surveyor utilized by the Klingon Empire during the 24th century. (Ship Recognition Manual, Volume 3: Ships of the Klingon Empire)

The class entered service in 2338 and was named after a famed Klingon biologist from several centuries prior. The class was equipped with the most advanced sensors the Empire had to offer to allow it to chart and monitor stellar anomalies, survey new planets and to conduct experiments.

Physically the class resembled the B'rel-class. The forward hull of the ship was a wedge shape instead of oval and had the weapons replaced by sensors. The tips of the wings ended with warp nacelles instead of disruptor cannons as with the B'rel.

Older vessel of this class are often on sold to civilian researchers and institutions when they reached the end of their service live with the Klingon military.

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