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Not much is known about this episode, as it has only just entered post-production. What is known is that it will take place within the Klingon Empire, and will feature Klingon characters sporting both their TOS looks, as well as movie/TNG-era head ridges. In fact it is this vary episode which gives viewers a reason why the Klingons have two kinds of humanoid appearances. The reason given was that the Klingons seen with out the cranial ridges were a created species of Klingon that would serve as Ambassadors to the Federation from the Klingon homeworld.

Additionally, guest stars for the episode will include Gil Gerard and Andrew Probert. [1]

Based on a two-script concept for the never-produced Star Trek: Phase II TV series of the 1970s written by John Meredyth Lucas, it was re-written for Star Trek Phase II by Patty Wright.

"Kitumba" will be directed by Vic Mignogna, a noted voice actor known for his roles as "Broly" in Dragon Ball Z: Broly - The Legendary Super Saiyan and roles in several other popular English-dubbed Japanese animated series.

Mignogna will also play the episode's villain. This will mark Mignogna's second acting role in Phase II, as he has also appeared in "Enemy: Starfleet." [2]

On April 15th, 2012, a "director's cut" of the episode was released online without knowledge or permission from the Phase II production. [3]

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