Kimula sh'Somachanar served as counselor and communications officer of the USS Independence (NCC-77199). (Star Trek: Independence)

Early lifeEdit

Kimula was born in 2351 on Andoria.

Starfleet AcademyEdit

She entered Starfleet in 2369. While there, she visited Angel Falls National Park in South America. She was so taken by the scene, she bought a self-contained waterfall. She traveled with it throughout her service.

Kimula graduated Starfleet Academy in 2373.

USS MidasEdit

As ensign, she was assigned to the USS Midas as ship's counselor. She served there until the ship's decommission.

USS IndependenceEdit

Kimula transferred to the Independence with some other officers from the Midas in late 2375.

Family and personal lifeEdit

  • Parents
    • zhavey: Numora zh'Somachanar
    • shreya: Lacimor sh'Somachanar
    • charan: Baac ch'Somachanar
    • thavan: Iliac th'Somachanar
  • Siblings
    • zhi: Namira zh'Somachanar
    • thi: Dimorik th'Somachanar

Hobbies and other talentsEdit

  • Plays an old Earth game, Dungeons & Dragons, with some of her crewmates.
    • She plays a "halfling rogue" that is "neutral good".


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