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Kimiko MacBaird is the Commanding Officer of USS Navajo, NCC-50001. Born 15 September, 2350 in the Nova Edo habitat of Broken Drive. After the completion of her mandatory State Service year at the colony, she attended Starfleet Academy, and graduated as a Marine Second Lieutenant. (USS Navajo)

As a First Lieutenant aboard the Akira class USS Akagi, under the command of Captain Janet Kirk, MacBaird led a Marine Raider Platoon during the Dominion War. At the Battle of Betazed, MacBaird and her platoon carried out boarding actions on three Jem'Hadar ships before being forced to retreat to the planet, where MacBaird joined resistance forces until the planet's liberation.

Recuperating from catastrophic wounds suffered in battle, MacBaird studied for, and was granted a transfer to the Science Corps, and gained a billet aboard USS Surok as a Stellar Cartographer. Under Captain Patrick Kennedy, USS Surok was one of the first Starfleet ships through the Bajoran wormhole after the Dominion War. Before the end of the deployment, however, MacBaird had been transfered to a position as Weapons Officer, and Second Officer.

Returning from the Gamma Quadrant, MacBaird was assigned as Executive Officer of the Intrepid class USS Hood. She served in this position until the death in action of Captain Oten Amun. MacBaird took command of Hood, making her way to the closest Federation outpost, Starbase 50. After a board of inquiry into the death of Captain Amun, MacBaird was assigned as Commanding Officer, USS Navajo.

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