Kial was a second-generation Soong-type android created by Data in the late 24th century. Data's second "child," Kial was brought online in the 2380s, some twenty years after the brief life of his "sister," Lal. Bruce Maddox, Reginald Barclay and Geordi La Forge assisted in his creation, and Kial considers the three men his "godfathers." (Star Trek: Pendragon)


Taken from the Gaelic ciall, his name could translate as "understanding" or "meaning," so chosen because Data sought to better understand the work of his creator-father Noonien Soong, and felt that having a child would add meaning to his existence. His name also means "hope" or "rebirth" in the Bajoran language. (Star Trek: Pendragon, Star Trek: Sons of Liberty)


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