Khitomer Peace Mission Medal
Khitomer Peace Mission Medal
Ribbon Bar
Awarded for
Participation in a military delegation to Khitomer during peace conferences which began in 2293
no longer awarded
Award Order of Precedence
Next lowest Concurrent Next highest
Khitomer Peace Mission Medal

The Khitomer Peace Mission Medal is a decoration, given jointly by two governments, to members of Starfleet's various military and diplomatic services and the assorted Klingon Defense Forces, awarded to those who served in the military delegations to the signings of the various Khitomer Accords with no disciplinary actions on their record for the duration of those peace missions.

In the year 3056, one of these medals existed in the private collection of historian Koltargh of Orellious IX, and was on loan to the Hyper-Smithsonian Institute. (Trekker's Alternity Galactopedia)

Notable recipientsEdit

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