The Kessok Incident occurred in 2376 following the sudden explosion of a star in the Vesuvi system, known as the the Vesuvi Event. It was later determined that the star's destruction was not a natural occurrence, but induced by an unknown weapon. The USS Dauntless was in the Vesuvi system on a routine patrol when the explosion occurred. The resulting shock wave destroyed the shuttlecraft the Dauntless captain was piloting and severely damaged the Dauntless. Once repairs were completed, the Dauntless' first officer was promoted to captain and assigned to investigate the unexpected explosion of the Vesuvi star.

The unknown weapon that destroyed the Vesuvi star was traced to a species known as the Kessok. A rogue Cardassian element had forged an alliance with the Kessok, manipulating them into believing that the Federation was their common enemy, set on their ultimate destruction.

Utilizing the Kessok shipyards, hybrid ships utilizing both species' technologies were constructed. Lieutenant Commander Data, on temporary assignment to the USS Sovereign from the USS Enterprise-E, was able to translate to the Kessok that they had been betrayed by the Cardassians, turning the tide and ending the Kessok conflict. (TNG game: Star Trek: Bridge Commander)

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