Kerani Ocett was a female Cardassian active in the Cardassian Guard in the 2370s. (The Mysterious Case of Neelix's Lungs)

Biography Edit

In 2371 Ocett held the rank of gil and was assigned to CDS Vetar as a security officer. When Vetar, pursuing the Maquis raider Val Jean, was transported to the Delta Quadrant by the Caretaker, she was the only female security officer to survive and was advanced to deputy security chief, second to Glinn Emil Tarak.

After USS Voyager helped Gul Aman Evek rescue a number of captives from the Kazon-Ogla, Ocett was assigned to help the women acclimate to their sudden freedom. She later manned the controls of the Caretaker Array when First Maje Jal Retak attacked the three ships. ("Caretaker")

On stardate 48327.79 (20 February) Ocett took a squad to help repel a party of Kazon-Relora that boarded the Ha'ni ship Naarat. ("Lizard-Women from Another Dimension!")

On stardate 48532.4 (13 May) Ocett's squad provided security when Voyager and Vetar set up a dilithium mining operation on a rogue planetoid. She later had to restrain Kes to prevent her from interfering with emergency surgery after Neelix's lungs were stolen by the Vidiians Dereth and Motura. ("The Mysterious Case of Neelix's Lungs")

Around stardate 48579.4 (31 May) Ocett pitched in with hand-to-hand combat drills led by Voyager security chief Kepa Ayala. ("Eye of the Needle")

When Voyager and Vetar arrived at Sikaris on stardate 48642.5 (25 June) Ocett visited an art gallery with Alina t'Aimne, Daran Taril, and Tarak. Afterward she got into a discussion of literature with their local guide Jaret Otel. She considered "The Second Legate's Ode" far superior to The Never-Ending Sacrifice. ("Factoring Primes")

Around stardate 48658.2 (2 July), Ocett was on Voyager teaching the martial art chakar daran to the crew when Voyager and Vetar were attacked by the Kazon-Nistrim. Stuck aboard Voyager for the duration, Ocett donated blood to Seska Harani after she was shot and her blood type identified as Cardassian TZ-4. She remained in sickbay during a subsequent boarding action and realized that Seska was in fact a Cardassian after observing her fight a Kazon with recognizable chakar daran, outing the ex-Maquis as Obsidian Order operative Jiana Seska. ("Revelations")

Relationships Edit

Ocett had served with Hogue Marritza for so long that the older officer thought of her like a younger sister. After arriving in the Delta Quadrant she also quickly struck up a friendship with Alina t'Aimne after helping rescue her from the Kazon. ("Caretaker", "Eye of the Needle", "Factoring Primes")

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