Kelby was an engineer aboard the Enterprise (NX-01) and later commanding officer of the SS Yorktown (NCC-108) (Star Trek is...). He served briefly as Enterprise NX-01's chief engineer, with the rank of Commander, in 2154, while Trip Tucker transferred to the Columbia (NX-02). (Star Trek: Enterprise)

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Star Trek is...Edit

Captain Joseph Kelby served as the third commanding officer of the SS Yorktown (NCC-108) from 2172 to 2180. He was preceded by Captain T'Pol and later succeeded by Commodore Travis Mayweather.

In Between DaysEdit

Kelby's first name was Derek, and he was a part of the Enterprise being sent back in time, twice, due to a Kovaalan particle wake (ENT: ""). In the second kick back in time, he married Crewman Patti Soccoro (In Between Days: Everybody Knows This is Nowhere).

In the prime timeline, he was originally one of the men charged with sexually assaulting Ruby Brannagh of the 602 Club. There was insufficient evidence against him, and he was never indicted (In Between Days:Shell Shock).

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