The Kearsarge class light cruisers were a type of United Federation of Planets starship on active duty during at least the late 23rd century. (Task Force Games: UFP: The Federation Sourcebook for Prime Directive)

In the Star Fleet Battles continuity, these were put into production ca. 2281 and were intended to replace the less combat-effective Saladin-class destroyers. The design of the Kearsarges consisted of the standard saucer-shaped primary hulls of the period to two smaller (relative to LN-64 or the equivalent) warp nacelles.

There were "more than a dozen" variants to this class, including escort cruisers, minesweepers, carriers and tugs.

The standard crew complement for the Kearsarges was 307 (including a Prime Team) and 54 surface action specialists.

Ships commissionedEdit

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