Kaziarl Nanaki started his life on stardate 27401.5 under the name of Joshua Allan McAndrew. His parents, Shayna and Jorin McAndrew were scientist on an outpost near the intersection between Federation, Klingon, and Romulan space. When he was four years old, a Romulan task force crossed the Demilitarized Zone into Federation Space and attacked in an attempt to break up continuing peace talks between the Federation and Klingon Empires. The outpost sent out a distress signal, but was blocked off before it could reach anyone from Starfleet. However a Klingon relay station near by was able to pick up the signal, and whether from a wish to help, or a chance to battle with Romulans, sent aid to the outpost. They were able to drive back the Romulans, but not before considerable casualties to the outpost, including Joshua's parents. When away teams from the Klingon ships began to transport to the planet, Joshua was found by a Klingon officer named K'Tina, who upon seeing the mix of fear and hatred on the young boys face while he looked at one of the fallen Romulans, decided to take him and teach him the warriors way. (Star Trek: Chimera)

Life among Klingons was far from easy for Joshua, who had since been given the name Kaziarl Nanaki. He was an outcast, and most of the Klingon children were harsh on him, making him do things that put his life in grave danger. At the age of 12, they sent Kaziarl to the Fire Dancer fields, telling him that the only way they would accept him was to preform a lengthy ritual among the Fire Dancer, pockets of methane gas that ignited violently. He began to push himself harder, desperately trying to become stronger then his classmates, but to no avail. It took a lot of work on his part to be accepted into the Klingon Military Academy, but in the end his work paid off.

At the academy, it was discovered that Kaziarl had a penchant for improvised tactics and piloting. In one training exercise he was given a Fek'lar-class destroyer. While under attack he ordered the helmsman to take the ship into a dense asteroid field, and led a squadron of fighters to patrol the monolithic rocks. With the interference from sensors, the enemy ships didn't notice the fighters and the squadron was able to dispense with them in record time.

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