Katara was a human from the Avatar world located in the Briar Patch.

After the crushing defeat of Allied Forces during the Day of Black Sun. Team Avatar retreated to the Western Air Temple and set up a base. They'd only just finished settling in when the Columbia was destroyed overhead, an event witnessed by Katara and her brother Sokka. One of Columbia's escape pods crashed into the mountaintop above the cliffside temple. Her rival in Team Avatar, Zuko was on patrol with their fellow teammate Suki, and by the time Katara had formed an ad hoc Damage Control team to put out the fires the latter two had made contact with Columbia's chief engineer, Commander Kelby. After first contact, Katara offered Commander Kelby help in locating their fellow personnel.

They located another escape pod that crashlanded outside the village of Shangxi with the occupants dead. They accessed the onboard computer and located the area where the other Starfleet personnel had made landfall. The destroyed city of Taku in the Earth Kingdom. (Star Trek: Into the Inferno)

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